:': P R O S E :':


The Free Universe Series



Tescal is the first book in the Free Universe series.  It is currently in undergoing its second draft with a view to being completed by September 2017.  A feedback session on 1st April this year has greatly influenced the manner in which the story is being told, and the invaluable advice of trusted individuals continues to make the world a more rich and satisfying place to visit.

The story is a mystery set on a world where no-one can remember why they are there.  Steadily, the perspective, for the reader at least, peels back.  But as certain mysteries are solved, more questions come to the fore, and tensions rise on and off-world.  Will they find the Arch?  Who has the power to control it?  But more important, why does everyone want it?


Harmonius R.A.W


Harmonius R.A.W is the second instalment of the Free Universe series and its first draft is currently being written.  Due to the nature of the first novel, giving away information about its plot or details at this time would potentially spoil the reader's enjoyment, but suffice to say that many of the characters met in Tescal will have a part to play.


The Free Universe Series :: Short Stories

The back-stories of many of the characters from the main canon are documented in a series of novellas, serving to enrich the experience of the reader and to give a greater understanding of their past plights and victories.

The opening of one such story, Telleris, can be read here.




The Diplomat

Excalibur James Havelmot returns to his home town from a two week working holiday to find that not everything was as he left it.  A humourous take on the zombie apocalypse genre, follow James and his companion as they search for the answer to the question: why is everyone so happy?


Autumn Is Falling

The four Ladies of Lore have ever lived in harmony, if not with knowledge of each other.  One year, Lady Summer stayed with Lady Autumn too long and met Lady Winter; and fell in love.  A young Maercredin, one of the magical folk of the world, accidentally let slip of Lady Spring's existence to Autumn, and now the Lady of the Great Fall wants to meet her estranged sister...


The Hierophant

Julian finds himself wanting to have some serious amounts of space in the aftermath of the events in Havelmot, so he takes it upon himself to walk, and to keep walking.  As is so often the case with ramblers, Julian gets himself captured.  He's so angry at his situation that when he's interrogated by the tribe leader he gives them false information on another local tribe, to whom they think he belongs.  It turns out that Julian's advice leads them to victory...



:': P O E T R Y :':


I tend not to want to write in the same style too often which means that a lot of my poetry ends up being very different from one piece to the next.  These are but a few from the first volume of work - if you are interested in reading more, do send me a message and I would be happy to select a few more, but I believe for the moment this gives a good idea of the spread of curiosity that I have for poetic ideas.


No. 28

No. 21

No. 15

No. 9

No. 6