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I enjoy writing for as wide a mix of genres as possible, and believe myself to be as capable in each.  There are many different resources at my disposal that enable me to create a rich world of soundscapes and songs, in imagined worlds as well as rooted in common experience.

A larger catalogue of work is available on request.

To enquire about bespoke composition for TV, theatre, commission, and songwriting, or for synchronisation, please contact benjamintalbott.home@gmail.com for more information.


Fits & Starts

Here is the entirety of the album "Fits & Starts", available for free listening ahead of release later this year.

All composing, arranging, performing, programming, mixing and mastering done by myself.  Thanks to the members at John Hardy Music for their ears and advice, and of course to my wonderful partner Cara, without whom this album would not exist.

Here is a selection of works that are freely available for listening.  Apart from a few tracks, all performance, recording, programming, arranging and producing is done by myself - some notable exceptions would be "For The Prose Unspoken" (kindly recorded by the RWCMD composer's orchestra), "Beating Wings" (clarinet performed by Tic Ashfield), and "Deep Fear", "The Eloquence Of Faith", and "Don't Take It Away" (all performed by The Greats).