I’m really excited to be composing an original score for Lee Haven-Jones and Roger Williams’ debut horror film ‘Gwledd’ (Feast), under their production company JOIO. The script is fabulous and odd, as much a mystical occurrence as it is a horror, with a healthy dose of dark humour thrown in. There are strong community themes as well as the battle of old/new, industrial/agricultural, and natural/man-made running throughout the film, so I’m keen to reflect as much of these elements as possible in the score.

All being well, the film will go to film festivals throughout next year (2020).




The Last (short film)


I’m pleased to announce my continued involvement with David Newton who I have previously worked with on Hand Of God (2016) and The Take Down (2018), on his latest short film The Last. It’s a really interesting piece that focusses on the aftermath of a shootout. David was keen not to have the score speak too strongly in the thriller vein, so we opted for a more emotive orchestration instead. The whole short was uses only three shots to tell the whole story, and as such has a great sense of intimacy and intense engagement with the protagonist.

The film will be shown across festivals this summer and autumn, and I wish it great success!

Listen to the score on my soundcloud page.




Baich (short film)

I had the chance to create a unique sounding score for a short surrealist film, written and directed by Mared Swain and produced by Hannah Thomas at Severn Screen. The piece itself is about a mother struggling to cope with raising her two daughters. A short sequence at home leads to her running out of the front door, but she finds herself transported to a forest where, although she finds brief rest, quickly turns disconcerting and frightening.

The score is largely constructed from harmonic strings and affected voices, with some synthesised underbelly and sound design. I hope I managed to match the drama for its eeriness!

Listen to the score on my soundcloud page.




Hidden / Craith - Series 2


Hidden / Craith series two is a go! We at John Hardy Music are pleased to announce our continued involvement with this fabulously dark crime drama series, and the second series doesn’t pull any punches. The scripts and performances are fantastic, and we’re really excited to be presented with the opportunity to build last season’s music and to take it in some new and horrific directions!

Sam and Tic have already done some great work in reworking material and writing new material to fit the new series, so I’m eager to get stuck in! All being well the series should be released early 2020.



:: UPDATE ::

Steel Country / A Dark Place


We at John Hardy Music were really excited to have learn that ‘Steel Country’, a film we wrote the score for over winter 2016/17 now has distribution in US and UK cinema! It was released as ‘A Dark Place’ in the states and as its original title ‘Steel Country’ in the UK, in spring 2019. Needless to say we’re over the moon that this project has been given the exposure it desrves. Huge congratulations to the production team, notably director Simon Fellows and producer Gareth Ellis-Unwin for creating and supporting this project over the past years.



:: UPDATE ::

Amber / The Take Down


Some fab news about the thriller I wrote a score for in summer 2017, ‘Amber’, renamed ‘The Take Down’, has US distribution and is available to stream on Amazon Prime in the US as well as the UK. I’m super stoked that this project has been pushed so far, and is testament to the dedication of director David Newton and producer Eloise Carrow. The film has gone from award to award at many independent film festivals, and I look forward to working with David and Eloise again soon.




Pili Pala

pili pala.jpg

Tic and I were approached to create music for a four part drama which will be airing on S4C around summer 2019. It’s a fabulous and engrossing story, though I can’t say too much at this point. We’ve just begun to put music to picture for the first episode and all seems to be going smoothly, and we’re looking forward to writing for some big moments…

Listen to some tracks from this project on my soundcloud page.




Hidden / Craith - Season 1

Hidden - square.jpg

We at John Hardy Music had the great honour of writing for another fantastic welsh-made crime thriller. Tense and particularly disturbing, it offered us an uncommon chance to write abstract and odd music that, combined with the imagery and strong performances from the actors, created an eerie and uncomfortable drama.

As usual it was a real team effort. I was comleting my score for ‘Amber’ when this project was kicking off, so Sam and Tic set the musical tone for much of the series. I joined in towards the end of the second episode, and Sam and I wrote some bizarre pieces with the hammond organ as the sonic backbone for a change of direction in episode four whilst Tic was away on another project. And of course, John’s watchful ear was never far away!

We’re excited about the second series, which will be going into production in early 2019.





Amber Film Poster

I had the recent pleasure of working again with David Newton on his first feature production, which also happened to be my first full length solo score.  A non-stop fighting thriller of a man trying to save his daughter and perhaps also himself from certain death.

Created over a challengingly short period, I had little time to come up with a sound world that would compliment the style and action.  At times like this it's best to turn to your strengths, though I found that with encouragement from David and Eloise Carrow (producer), I was able to turn my hand to techniques I had not used before but which made it into the final score.  Similar sounds to that of Hans Zimmer's score for 'Dunkirk' can be heard, which blend very well with my usual mix of live instrumentation and detailed programmed virtual instruments.

It was premiered at Raindance Film Festival 2017 in London who also supported the production of the film.  I look forward to working with David again, and will release a collection of music from the film soon.




Steel Country

Steel Country Film Poster

Through late 2016 and early 2017 I had the pleasure of being a leading force in the creation of the music for John Hardy Music's score for 'Steel Country', directed by Simon Fellows and produced by Gareth Unwin-Ellis.

Writing music to accompany such fine performances from Andrew Scott and Bronagh Waugh was a unique creative experience and a real joy.  We utilised some fantastic instrumental techniques together with some powerful synthetic materials to compose an, in our view, individual and characterful score whose quality and integrity matches that of the actors' performances and beautiful camerawork.

We look forward to seeing it in the cinema and to being able to share some of the music with the world.




Hinterland / Y Gwyll, Series 3

Photo - Warren Orchard

The concluding series to the internationally recognised crime-noir Hinterland returns for its final instalment!  Working on the program has been a joy and I, along with the rest of the team, will miss it dearly.  Musically it's been a huge change again as Sam Barnes joined us and brought his own personality along, and we were all thrilled by the direction it took, keeping the flavour of the landscape but evolving with the story and characters in a fresh and beautiful way.

RIP Hinterland!




Andrew Marr's Great Scots


All of us at John Hardy Music had a lot of fun working on Andrew Marr's wonderfully presented Great Scots, tracing our shared celtic musical roots and scoring Scotland's great minds with playful and dark music.




Fits & Starts


I'm very happy to present my first album of folk influenced material. "Fits & Starts" was created over summer and autumn of 2015 and coincides with a huge change in my life. This album is dedicated to my once partner, Cara.

The songs are all relevant to the both of us during the time before, during, and after our decision to walk the world together, but my hope is that the essences of these songs ring true for everyone as much as they did for us.

Listen to the whole album on my soundcloud page.




Swansea's Three Night Blitz


Written by Manon Eames (produced by JOIO in collaboration with Swansea Grand Theatre, and directed by Sara Lloyd) to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the most destructive time of the city's history.  The show demanded sympathy as well as reality and was a real challenge.  Hours of listening to old whistling bombs and recordings of wave upon wave of aeroplanes flying over led to a very convincing sound score, all built from noise generation and samples of masonry.

Alongside the sound research, a long while was spent listening to popular songs of the era, some included in the show, but musically speaking, the only original composition consisted of several pieces for string orchestra, sparse and cold for the most part, echoing, but not hammering home, the despair and severity of the situation that the residents of Swansea found themselves in.

Listen to some tracks from this project on my soundcloud page.




Shadow Of A Quiet Society


An original work created by Gwyn Emberton, based on the ideas and experiences of what a rural town life is all about.  Influenced and structured by Jung's work on archetypes, the piece explores a wide variety of mood and energy and tells many stories all themed around the gradually increasing conflict and a then individuation of the disparate elements or dancers.

It was a fascinating project to work on.  The initial research focussed heavily on sound design and replicating the world of the subconscious in sound form, but as the work matured, more and more harmonic material crept in and the score ended up in a highly emotionally charged state, beautifully balanced between structured sound and wild music.

Listen to some tracks from this project on my soundcloud page.




Hinterland / Y Gwyll, Series 2


Series 2 of the critically acclaimed welsh-made detective noir Hinterland holds a feast of twists and turns, and of course some horribly dark tones of rural Wales.  Working with John Hardy Music is always a pleasure, and we're really excited about this series from not only a musical perspective - where we feel we've been able to increase the musical interest from the first series - but also from a story perspective; it's really getting tense!

The first episode of series 2 will air on S4C in late September, with the english language version going out on the BBC sometime early 2016.




150 / Galesa


Galesa is a structured reality piece commissioned as part of the 150 Patagonia celebrations this year.  Roger Williams and Lee Haven Jones of JOIO invited Tic Ashfield and me to be a part of the project, and of course we were only too willing (thought unfortunately we didn't get to go over to Argentina).

The program aired on 29th July, but I'm sorry to say is no longer available to watch through S4C's online portal.  Tic and I hope to have the music from the show available soon!




Saturday Night Forever


"A roller-coaster ride through Cardiff’s nightlife as gay man in Lee breaks up with one lover and resolves never to fall in love again. All around him people are drinking too much, dancing until the early hours and getting it while they can.  But when Lee receives an invitation to a friend's house-warming everything seems ripe for change, and it only takes seven hours, a bottle of vodka, and the devil on his shoulder for him to break his promise and fall back into the arms of a new admirer."

I'm very much looking forward to working on this, having already worked with Roger Williams earlier this year on two other projects of his in collaboration with Lee Haven Jones.  Going up in Aberystwyth Arts Centre on 17th November for a run before heading off to other venues around the country.

Listen to some tracks from this project on my soundcloud page.




Mom And Me


"Mom and Me is a creative documentary that delicately challenges the familiar love story shared between a son and his mother. It is a story that reveals comedy in the everyday and misery on some other days."

We (John Hardy Music) are excited about this sensitive documentary that beautifully captures a wide array of relationships in a very honest and touching manner.  It was created by Irish film maker Ken Wardrop (Venom) and we expect it to air in cinemas across the US in 2016.




My People


Gwyn Emberton's adaptation of that controversial work "My People" (Caradoc Evans) is as dark and damning as the original work.  The dance-theatre piece was created at and with the support of Aberystwyth Arts Centre, and has now toured the nation twice as well as performing at Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer.

The score was created in partnership with Tic Ashfield, and we all look forward to a new collaboration in early 2016.



(A complete list of archived projects is available on request)