No. 21

Tonight… I saw, a sky full of darkness,
A sky that played my wits for stone and shattered the granite harness,
A sky that torn apart with coal, mockingly and laughingly
Played me for a lightning bolt and darkened on regardless.

Where have all the stars gone? Why have they taken to hiding?
Why are those immortal balls of fire not out striding through the
Night that was their own to roam, burning up the harvest,
Exploding out across the void… Instead my sky is starless.

Tonight… I saw, the sky envelope further,
The sky that summoned angels, now complicit in their murder,
The sky that although racked with guilt, laughingly and mockingly
Plucked the embers from their beds and robbed them of their fervour.

Where have all the stars gone? Why do they not fight?
Why do they not choose to challenge mockery with might, as is their
Right? Do they think themselves unworthy of a murmur?
Preservers of the light but never more than just observers?

Tonight… I saw, the answer to the question,
The answer that evaded every memory and mention.
Tonight I saw the sky invert; and mockingly, and laughingly;
The sky was my invention… The sky was my invention….